Summer of slips

I love slip on sneakers so much I made a collage of them at 1AM.

Yes, I really had to use that title, because it simply says it all. There goes my ever ongoing rant about how I hate Winter and want Summer. I'm ready for it, but I know there's still a fat chance Winter will catch up on us and since I'm not that crazy person who wears Summer shoes in Winter, I'm left with eternal awaiting of warmer temperatures. You've got to love the fact that everything in fashion is recyclable (except for mom jeans, please don't!). While I was in high school checked Vans were all the rage. I had one fake pair (the real deal was too expensive for us back in the days) and another white one with red Pop Art, cartoon like print. Unfortunately I got rid of them years ago during one of my cleaning rage attacks. 
But I'm ready for new ones. Givenchy has a floral pair that is to die for, but I'll be sticking with cheaper alternatives, Asos has some very nice pair. I especially love the holographic one! Need to check out Vans too, because now I can at least afford one. I wouldn't mind to have a lot of different pairs, as they're cool and comfortable at the same time, which is my shoe motto!

What 'bout you, do you love some slip-on's for the S/S period?

By the way, Happy V-Day to all who is celebrating. If you want to read a story about true love, head to 
Annebeth's blog (CAUTION: her story might make you cry, I teared up a little).

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