My two favorite things

So today I'm gonna show you two new items ,from my wardrobe, I'm absolutely addicted to.
First the leopard Zara coat you recently saw on my 2014 wishlist. I didn't hesitate and bought it the first day of the sales. I didn't want to wait and risking it selling out in my size. Though I don't think such a statement coat is very popular among the casual Belgian crowd. 
The only minor, HAIR EVERYWHERE! And I hate hair or fibers on my black clothing. But the coat is so fab, I can live with it. I hope the fur will stay pretty, though, because I wear it quite a lot.

And my second favorite item is also my most expensive wardrobe possession and the thing I'm truly obsessed with: my very first designer bag! I long doubted which bag to buy. Alexander Wang's Rocco is long on my wishlist, but then I saw this beauty and went for it. My first D-bag is from Karl Lagerfeld. I kind of wandered into the Antwerp store and fell in love. And lemme tell you, this bag is one big advantage. The price is still reasonable, the chances of bumping into someone with the same bag are very slim (unlike Balenciaga's bags f.e.), it's classy, but cool, so it suits most of my looks and it's pretty spacious and holds my camera perfectly.

Wearing: Zara leopard coat, Vintage blouse, H&M jeans, Sacha boots, Karl Lagerfeld bag, Fashionology bracelet, Michael Kors watch.

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