Halloween night

Brace yourself for a heavy picture post coming up, 'cause the Halloween party hosted at Annebeth's house was, yet again, a major success.

Seriously, it was totes awesome! I'm still all warm and fuzzy while I think back about the night.
All of the elements of the night fitted perfectly together, quirky girls and boys (2), delicious food, fun conversations, jokes and games. Did I already mention the food, because it was next level, out of this world shit! After a busy day at work this party was exactly what I needed.
I already look forward to the next time, we should celebrate Halloween at least twice a year.

Gorgeous couple: Filip & Annebeth

Lasagna heaven!!!

Pumpkin pie heaven!

Our Coven

For your own good I decided to add the outfit pictures we took the next day in the same post. Otherwise I could dread Halloween till Christmas. I wouldn't mind, but in case you might be already tired of it. Ha, aren't  I a totall doll?!

No extreme make-up or costume this year. The theme was witches, so I went for a more bohemian, Misty Day meets The Craft, kind of witch. 

Wearing: Forever 21 kimono and knee socks, Zara dress, Sacha boots and a huge jewelry stash.

Total magic happening in the pictures!

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