Boots, you can't have too many!

To continue my previous post...

I can't lie, I love a good high heel, but my feet are my worst enemy. I must have been some kind of royalty in past life, because my feet can't take cheap shoes and especially cheap heels. Off course I try it from time to time and regret it most of the times. The older I get, the more expensive the shoes, but that's just normal too. Quality over quantity!

Next to killer looks, my shoes need to give balance and support, especially heels. Comfortable high heels are a rarity, I almost didn't believe in them until I invested in a pair of infamous spiked Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell. The heels are so high, but pretty easy to walk in if you have some basic skills. I even danced in them and survived. I couldn't ever imagine huge heels, being comfortable to walk in.

Jeffrey Campbell's are hard to come by in Belgium, but if you are searching for a pair, Zalando is carrying a quite large selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Next to heels there're also cute flat boots.

Here are my current favorites.

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