Making a pledge

A while ago I've been contacted by the people of Kellogg's for a project. Kelogg's and Special K  chose bloggers to participate in their Change For the Better campaign. Each blogger takes a pledge and gets a budget to reach their goal to become the most confident version of themselves. One of my goals (every year again) is to get fitter, so I decided to continue doing just that. After all, a better version of yourself is always nice. 

It's crazy that the year is slowly coming to it's end. Does time fly even faster each year we get older? I sure think so. But this year, probably for the first time, I actually tried my best to reach that goal. I started swimming at first, but after I started working that was out of the picture. A day at work is pretty physically demanding (lot's of stairs), but helps improve my condition. I'd like to add some actual physical excercise to strengthen my muscles. I'm curious if I can get into that crazy Iggy Azalea shape if I devote to it. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to working out, but if I decide on something, I'm usually willing to push boundaries.

Currently I'm on the lookout for a work-out outfit (I still want to look okay even while sweating myself to death). The first step are my new Nike Air Max babies. Seriously, the best footwear! Next on my 'lets get fit' wishlist are weights. I was able to lose my previous pair somewhere at home (while redecorating) and I miss how practical they are.

So, in the meanwhile me wearing my new super fly sneakers and showing of all my other new shizz I happened to buy in one day (oops). Damn/bless you Nele and your holy grail of a shop!

Wearing: All Saints biker jacket and Mink Pink dress via The Public Image, Forever 21 knee socks, c/o Nike Air Max sneakers.

I'm seriously loving this, sporty, gothy, school girl outfit. I swear I'll wear school girl inspired outfits until it starts to get weird and people would think I lost it, which they already do at times, but who cares?!

So, I'll be keeping you, guys, informed on how my pledge goes in the next few weeks/months. 
What pledge would you take to change for the better?

Thanks to for this opportunity!

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