At dusk

It is me again, in the blog/photo flesh. Busy times once again, all work, no play and that shitty first Autumn illness in the meanwhile. I decided to change things up around here and play around with the lay-out ('great' timing there). I was kinda inspired by the purple details of the Nike Air Max sneakers I showed in the last post, which, by the way, are waiting for me at the bf house already (insert major excitement here). 
I'm not completely satisfied with everything and might change things up soon, but don't have the time at the moment. Kind of the lay-out limbo here now.

It was about time to show my face again. I'm still in that warm to cold weather transition, right now I just want to cover myself with a blankie and sleep forever. This feeling translates well onto my daily style, read comfy sweaters and sneakers, a leather jacket, oversized scarf (blankie) and a beanie. I'll be pulling out the faux furs soon. These items are kind of a Winter uniform, somehow I always returns to the same style after some Summer experiments. 
In this outfit I'm wearing all the items from previous years, that are still my favorites. Off course I'll be updating my wardrobe with some new pieces, but I'm glad to have that base to return to.

Wearing: Zara blouse and sweater, Forever21 jeans, Sacha boots, Ken bag, Fashionology bracelet, I am necklace.

I love this sweater, I can live in it for days going from bed to work in it. 

Me and the bf spent hours making pizza from scratch, so by the time we were getting this pictures it was nearly dark, I do like how blurry they turned out. A perfect Fall mood right there. I bet it'll be freezing in no time.

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