Strasbourg - A walk through the town

As you might have read, me and my boyfriend spend a few days in Strasbourg, France last week.
We chose the destination spontaneously, by looking through a guide to France. As it appeared Strasbourg was the perfect choice. Only 4,5 hours away, the city held a perfect mix of historical modern sightseeing.

On our first day we took a large walk through the city, discovering the historical part called La Petite France and walked all the way through to the modern center. We never took the bus or tram during our stay, everything was at walking distance and the weather was just perfect! Right from the start we felt at home in the cosy streets. A major plus about Strasbourg was the fact that despite the tourists it wasn't as crowded as Paris or London. Once we took a turn from the main streets, we found ourselves in abondoned streets. The city itself is quiet in the summer as most French leave on holiday themselves.
All the way through Strasbourg and around the center runs the river Ill. So the views remind a bit of Bruges.

Besides the tourist attractions, Strasbourg is also a large shopping city. Next to most high street brands you can find stores of Louis Vuitton, Hermès, Burberry,... And also the French Galerie Lafayette where I went to pet some Balenciaga, Prada and Chloé bags.

There's everything for everyone, so if you have the chance, pay a visit to Strasbourg!
As always I took a lot of pictures, so the first post is just to give you a general view of the city.

The typical frame work houses that you can find in Strasbourg, originated from Germany.

Dream balcony


Coming up are a little bit (read 'a lot') more pictures of Strasbourg and some outfits.

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