Casual stripes

Life goes by, summer goes by. Sometimes I hate how times flies by. I think I have to much goals and not enough time to achieve them all. Seriously need to cut out on the internet, it's evil, I tell ya! Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, ... Is there still time to live? I must have limited access, imagine that your internet just turns off after two hours. Would be an ideal option for me. 

Before I could blink twice, it's weekend again. Tomorrow we're going to a small festival where one of my favorite bands, Hardcore Superstar, is going to play. Really looking forward to it. 
Probably will be working in our house too. You can't even imagine how much wallpaper fits into one house. We've literally been peeling decades of wallpaper off the walls. The oldest layers are the hardest to peel off. I guess people wanted that wallpaper to last for at least 50 years.

Not much exciting things have been happening, so just a casual outfit to keep the blog going. As you all have noticed by now, my style is as unstable as a mental patient can be. Excuse me, mental patients, but it's true. Sometimes I enjoy going over the top, at times I enjoy a jeans and a shirt outfit.
These days I'm more into casual and laid back outfits.

Wearing: Thrifted blouse, Zara jeans, Eram loafers, Swatch Gent Lacquered watch, Ebay claw bracelet, Swarovski earrings, Ray-Ban Laramie sunglasses.

I really need to shoot these jeans in an outfit with heels!

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