Tuesday, April 3, 2012

New steps

Look who's back again! After a seven day workweek I finally had two days to rest a bit.
Lately I haven't had much time to just sit back and relax, but I've been enjoying every second of it.
There's so much going on in my life at this moment, but that's how it should be.
I, or better to say we have a lot of work to do here with the summer in sight. Because (insert epic drum roll here) me and my boyfriend recently bought a house! Yesterday we actually went window shopping, literally :)
I am at a turning point in my life, with graduation and moving in together in sight, I couldn't be happier!
At last I can channel my shopping habit into a different direction, decorating our future home. Off course a lot of storage space is needed to keep all of my clothes. But I'm going to sort through all the stuff and get rid of at least half of it. I know it won't be easy to part with all of it, but it's really necessary and I don't wear all my stuff anyway. But who am I telling all of this?! Most of you girls know exactly what I'm talking about ;)
I promise to keep you updated on the progress of the house, but right now there're still a million things to be done.

In the meantime a new outfit post of what I wore yesterday while shopping for windows and doors.
The weather was on our side once more, so I decided to dress up a little.

Wearing: Mango Blazer, 3 Suisses cashmere sweater, Zara skirt, H&M shoes, Tiany Kirilove for Vero Moda clutch, Butler & Wilson skull bracelet, Michael Kors watch, Vivienne Westwood orb brooch, Twice As Nice silver rings, Dyrberg/Kern earrings.

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  1. Congrats! Such a big step. I'm happy for you!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  2. Wow big step! Congrats :) love the skirt

  3. Congratulations! :)

    Love you outfit, you look super cute! ^^

  4. Congrats! Lovely outfit :)

  5. Wow congrats! Waar ga je wonen? Leuke outfit! xx

  6. congrats lady, oh so perfect that you have bought a house together! must be so excited!

  7. Adorable look, love the skirt! ♥

  8. Leuke outfit, je clutch is echt prachtig!

  9. oooh ik ben zo blij voor jullie! je ziet er superschattig uit, prachtig rokje! en ik wil wel een bontjas van je overnemen hoor :D

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  11. Die rok is zo leuk! En wat fijn dat je gaat verhuizen, veel succes!

  12. lovely blog. Do you want to follow each other darling? XoXo


  13. Congratulations,that is such a wonderful step! Can't wait to read about your decorating tips.

    Also, I adore this outfit! The combination of nude and grey is perfection :)


  14. amai, gefeliciteerd! ik hoop dat ik die zin ook eens kan zeggen :) en erg mooie clutch!

  15. Ooh shopping for your new home must be at least as much fun as clothing shopping! Well, maybe not the more functional stuff like windows and doors (I bet there are some funky doors out there, though :-D) but the furniture should be a bit of fun! I love the skull necklace and the skirt!

  16. Wat een fijn rokje, leuke outfit!
    En veel succes én plezier gewenst met de verhuis, toffe vooruitzichten daar!