Another ReTurn

Almost a month has passed since my last outfit post. Time both flies and drags by painfully slow.
So well, here I am again. Just ending the last days of my internship over here. May will be marked as a writing month, my thesis is due on May 29, D-day. The reason for the lack of posts has been the usual: 'no time + bad weather' combo. Spring has been fooling with us once again and I'm really one of those people who get really moody when all you see is rain. So I've been hit by another wave of melancholia the last few weeks.
Luckily it didn't rain today during my lunch brake and I've had a chance to take some pictures.
I really wanted to show off my new coat. The sweet girls of Black Balloon let us choose a piece from their collection yesterday. Although they have a lot of nice pieces I had to choose by far the most exquisite piece, the Sweetie Silk Coat. It's minimal, but still shiny and oh, so perfect! Sweet, sweet, sweet! 
I also bought their trade mark 'Urban African Queen' earrings and a necklace (will snap that one soonish).
Actually working there was quite dangerous, now my wishlist is even longer than it was before.

Wearing: Black Balloon coat and earrings, H&M dress, Zara bag & gloves.

Right now three free days await me. The longest weekend since January. I'm looking forward to it, I need my rest. Tomorrow I'll be (FINALLY) cutting and dyeing my hair. It's been about seven months since I last dyed my hair, must be my record so far. Lately I've been using my actual hair color just to cover my grey hair. Planning on doing something crazy again, though, a bit bored with mu current hairdo.
Monday and Tuesday me and the boyfriend are gonna work on cleaning our new house and just spend some quality time together. I can't wait until we're going to start decorating, too exiting! 
Hope all of you have a nice weekend out there, thanks for stopping by, bye! x


  1. Love the combination of the simple coat and the sequined dress!

  2. Wow, ZO stylish! Die jas staat je prachtig. x

  3. Prachtige outfit :) Hele mooie jas! Geniet van het verlengde weekend :D x

  4. fan-TAStische jas!!! heel mooi ook met die jurk, de verschillende zwarttinten staan je prachtig!

  5. Oh, the coat... love it. Especially on youuu...prosto krasavica!