Today I want to finally show you the pictures from the 'Dream The World Awake' exhibition of Walter Van Beirendonck. Last September, I guess the time flies, I was invited to the opening night of the exhibition. 
At the start of the evening Walter gave a speech to the audience, which was huge.
I must say I was very impressed by the exhibition. I already saw many different art and fashion exhibitions but this one was different. I liked the special approach to it. Not only it displays some of Walter's best work, but also shows his personal side. The collection of different toys, art, cartoons gives a little insight into his personality.
My favorite part of the exhibition is the room where his office is rebuild. Walter has a large collection of toys and in that office you can see a part of it. The girl that helped to build the exhibition is a fellow blogger, Christin
Well, she told us it was a hell of a job to clean all that toys :)

Anyways, I can go on about it for a long time, but I have to study. If you live in Belgium or nearby and you love witty fashion, make sure to give that exhibition a look! It's still open till 19/02/2012 at MoMu Antwerp

My favorite piece of the exhibition

A younger Walter

A part of his rebuild office

This ducky is just the cutest thing! Oh, while we're are talking, I must confess I'm a toy addict.

Sorry for the blurriness, but it was quite dark in there. These are the toys I talked about.

Walter, sketching 

The famous suit he designer for Bono's world tour with U2

The crazy boots Bono that never wore, but still keeps them.

These shoes were quite the eye catcher of the evening. They give light, LIGHT I tell you!

Moomin, one of the cutest fiction creatures out there!

My silly face :)

Mr. Pearl corset!!!!!!!

And they had Walter cookies. Who would have thought that you could eat Walter?! Well, we did!

The outfit I wore back in September XD : Zara sweater and skirt, River Island flower shoes, Fred Perry bag, H&M ring, Forever 21 necklace.
Excuse me my tired face, I was sick the night before.

Pictures taken by Nathalie from the MerryMakers


  1. Heb die foto's ook nog altijd klaar staan op mijn computer om te posten!
    Vond het echt een mooie tentoonstelling, mijn nichtje was vorige week geweest en zij was er ook helemaal weg van :D

  2. Als ik de foto's zo bekijk ziet dat er echt leuk uit. Misschien ga ik het wel eens checken!

  3. Amazing!!

    Wardrobe Stylists, NYC.


  4. Superleuke foto's!! En waauw, je staat goed met de kleur geel :)

  5. Okay, I'm really digging those monster-face sneakers! And your shoes! The mannequin with the yellow mohawk and the strange ethnic jumper/poncho is gorgeous. AND OMG THE MOOMINS!!! I totally watched that as a kid :-D! Memories <3

  6. wauw ziet er super interessant uit! moomin is adorable and so is your silly face! btw: mijn kat is niet echt evil hoor (nog nooit een mens gekrabt of gebeten, biggest casanova around), gewoon niet zo lief tegen andere dieren (hazen, konijnen, duiven, muizen...)

  7. This exhibition is amazing! I'm so jealous you got to eat Walter's head!
    I was about to look up where the exhibition was taking place until I noticed that it's all the way in Belgium :(
    Any-who, you look lovely even though you say you look tired. Plus, that sweater looks great on you. I think I want it. Lol
    Take care, doll.

    Dream The World Awake' exhibition of Walter Van Beirendonck

  8. Foto credits vergeten? :)


  9. Oh wow !! Im loving this guy work... is awesome !... I would love to wear his stuff for sure.. I want the shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. amazing post and such a cute outfit!!

  11. Love all these pics, and love your outfit!:)