Too cool for school

And finally, I'm back from my, what it seemed, blogging break.
As I previously told I went on vacation to Rodos, a wonderful Greek island very close to Turkish coast.
The pictures from the trip are yet to come.
I came back tanned, but, unfortunately to bad weather. Was ill and busy.
But here I am!

It seemed like time for a new outfit. And here it is.
I decided to return, with what, I guess, must be one of my signature looks through the few past years: The School Girl Look. My fascination with school uniforms began at an early age of seven. From that age till I was 13 I wore a black and white uniform at my school. We could choose between any white blouse or sweater and a black skirt, so it was still fun.
I moved to Belgium where I never had to wear a school uniform again, but my love always remained. An early age fetish that's there to stay. I don't think I'm not going to be able to pull that look off when I hit my thirties, but that gives me still a lot of years to play.

I was immediately in love with that Zara blouse when I saw it hit the stores. Unfortunately it sold out pretty fast. Great was my relieve when I found it in the sales. It has everything I love, green and stripes! I don't have to tell you by what collection it was inspired and I decided to add some orange nails to add that extra reference ;)
This preppy, sporty college outfit was entirely bought during the sales. Budget shopping wise! (Also the one from my previous post)

Wearing: Zara blouse and skirt, Fred Perry bag, C&A sunnies.

Graslei Ghent. I'm here so often that I'm practically used to all the beauty we live around.


  1. You look flawless!
    Mooie kleur op je nagels!
    Ik wou dat ik terug op een Grieks eiland zat - sigh.

  2. Wow meid! Je straalt, echt een knappe outfit! xx

  3. Mooi! En Gent is prachtig. :)

  4. Mooie Zara blouse!
    Doet me denken aan prada :D
    Gent is echt een zeer toffe stad. x

  5. Ik hou ook van de uniform stijl, love it!

  6. Seriously love this outfit, great comeback ;-)
    The fred perry bag is love at first sight, I have been looking everywhere for one similar to that one!

  7. Super mooi groen, vind je rokje ook geweldig, heb nu de lange versie aan die ik van cindy heb gekocht :)

  8. welcome back. I do understant your fascination for school uniform. your outfit is very nice I love that deep green. I also wanted to tell you that I listed your blog for 2 awards on my blog. Maybe you've already got them but it is just a way to tell you that I am totally in love with your inspiring style and your peculiar enigmatic wonderful beauty. see you soon anyway ;)

  9. Looking like an evil schoolgirl!
    I like it! :D

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  10. So pretty! Die outfit is echt prachtig!