River Island Preview X-Mas collection 2011

Tuesday we were invited by the wonderful pr girls from Oona to attend the preview of the X-Mas collection of River Island. The event held place at their own offices in Antwerp.
The collection was all about reinventing the Christmas classics. 70s chique was main trend. Bold colors and accessories, flared palazzo pants, lace, embroideries and fake fur are the keywords. With these elements you are sure of being the centre of attention during the holiday parties. River Island is relatively new on our Belgian market, it's becoming well known fast. Their take on trends is interesting and there's is a big variety of accessories and bags to accompany the clothes. There's still some work on the quality of some garments.

I must admit there were a few pieces I really fell in love with some of the items, especially the blue pleated midi skirt. I'll be on the hunt for it soon. 
It was a very warm evening with a lot of lovely fellow bloggers. I was nice to see you all again!

Arriving with Manon from Affreux 

This ice sculpture was one of my high lights of the evening. Seriously! I love all clear stuff and ice with trapped accessories in it is just ├╝ber cool!

The feather details on the dress = looove

Eye catcher of the evening, these embroidered shorts

Yummy ice cream!

Must have this skirt

Two pair of shoes that caught my eye and were actually wearable at the same time

Merry Nathalie ^^ Looking at her just makes me happy  

Absolute Mrs. K. with the absolutely incredible style

Bloggers make circles

Five in a row : Manon from Affreux, Me, Pema from VogueMoment, Cindy from Glamour Bbey and Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman 

My silly face

With Afrodite from The Fashion Folio, Nathalie from Merry Makers and Gilles from Wood and Rags 
And what's going on there with my shoulders, I look almost wider that the mighty Gilles. Rugby player inspiration that it :)

I was wearing a Cos striped top, H&M Garden Collection blazer, Vivienne Westwood brooch, H&M jeans, Sac d'Anvers bag and Cypres brogues.

That day I forgot my camera, so a big thanx to Annebeth from The Styling Dutchman , Manon from Affreux  and Bo from Fashion Blog Bo

And when u thought the post was at it's end, well u though wrong. Here're a few shots from the lookbook 

The green, the feathers, sigh!

Beautiful red palazzo pants, me wants! 

Earring heaven!

Ok, done now.

Thanx to Oona for another great evening! 


  1. guuuurl u stole all ma pictures! stalker! :-D

  2. Oh my! Die foto heeft censuur nodig! Echt wel...

  3. oh what an amazing post! it was an amazing night! loved every single minute of it! fabulous seeing you guys again! oh and thank you so much for the compliment!

  4. love the post! It was nice seeing you too! Had a lovely evening, in love with the collection!

  5. Wow, what a fantastic collection! Looks like you all had a fabulous time, you all look beautiful!

    The ice sculpture is beyond belief! Wonder if I could get one to store my accessories in!?

    Girl about Town XxX

  6. Ook jij hebt erg leuke foto's gemaakt meid! Was leuk je nog eens te zien! xxx

  7. Ooh die ijsjes :D
    Zitten precies mooie dingen tussen!

  8. You looked pretty & I love your outfit :)

  9. oh dear :) die short en idd die midi rok!!!!

  10. This looks so awesome!



  11. Fijne post :) was leuk je even te zien, altijd leuk when bloggers meet! Zien we elkaar komende maandag weer?

    btw, die glitterpumps = AMAZING. Heb ik helemaal niet gezien!!

  12. Looks like a great event, love the sparkling heels xo

  13. OMG, I need the green dress with the feathers and the embellished shorts!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack - Fashion Blog

  14. prachtig blogje !!

    Eline's Photography

    ps: kom zeker ook is langs mijn blogje:
    ik verkoop ook enkele spulletjes voor interesse : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.197245223673798.49993.171796632885324