Small update

Between long dinners and cake parties and cleaning up the house I found a little time to update.
I must say that I forgot to take a picture of my Christmas outfit, believe me, this happens a lot to me. I didn't have a lot of time before the party, during the party I was busy eating and having a good time and afterwards it was already too dark. Plus enormous amount of snow outside and me wearing heels. I wore a new leopard dress btw.
Excuses, I know, I know. But I promise to be a good girl and show you my new years outfit, which I'm still haven't figured out.

So, back on topic, the reason for my update is another surprise that hit my mail box today.
A Birthday/Christmas present from my friends Margot, Nathalie & Griet.
Margot texted me this morning that the package will probably arrive today and she was right.
A few hours later the doorbell rang and there was the postman, handing me a box.
Inside I found a Birthday and Christmas card, a box full of delicious macarons. They were a little bit bruised from their trip, but not less tasty.
And last but not least a set of Fashionology bird skull earrings!!! I'm in love with them, thank u, girls!
Now my bird skull necklace has friends to hand out with ;)

Here's the bait :


I've become a real macaron addict, I must admit that this is already a second box that I got for my birthday. Yummy!


The birds


Also a little something, something. My dear friend Nathalie started blogging recently. Unlike me she updates regularly and has very nice pictures :p Make sure you give her a visit and leave some nice reactions!
Her blog is called The Merrymakers

See us in matching panda beanies and admit we're cute!



  1. Leuke foto van jullie! & die Macarons, mmmm!

  2. i've checked your friend's blog out. she is wonderful and i love her style.
    btw happy b-day. eat as many macaroons as u want and a couple of them for me. they are very hard to come by here.

  3. ik hou ook zo van macarons, als ik in Parijs ben vlieg ik altijd naar la durée!
    schattige mutsjes jullie 2

  4. In Gent kan je ze kopen bij Yuzu :)