Garden Of Delight

Today I went to Antwerp to pick up some pieces from
the H&M Garden Collection.
From the moment I saw the collection, I fell in love with the colors and the floral prints.
The whole winter I longed for bright colors and floral dresses and finally they're here.
It was really hard to choose. So far I bought 3 pieces from the collection.


This jacket is so delicate and beautiful. Definitely one of the most beautiful pieces that I own.
 (699x632, 189Kb)

I'll probably will buy these pieces later.

 (310x699, 101Kb)
 (437x698, 112Kb)
This is a real breakthrough for me, to buy so many colors in one day.
Can't wait to wear all this wonderful items.

Stay tuned for a new outfit post...


  1. Ah! Bravo for the items you got! Indeed it is a great collection, and I still can't believe I hadn't seen it before last night when Mina from Faboulista showed it to me. You got some of the best items, should definitely get the second two as well. xx

  2. De collectie is idd héél leuk, en je hebt leuke items gekocht! Hier in Oostende was er niet zoveel leuks van te zien.. jammer..

    Die body is van Women's Secret, maar ik heb die al een jaar... ik draag hem wel héél erg graag, zit zo goed!!

  3. Wel ja, in Gent waren er ook geen dingen dak wou hebben. Typisch...

  4. i just got the blazer yesterday as well. hahaha what are the chances? u know what they say great minds think alike. isnt it a super cool piece? i feel its defintly the most special from the collection.

  5. Dat jasje is zo mooi!


  6. Wow that jacket is amazing! Can't believe its H&M!

  7. will buy that jacket too! ;) well, this collection is just soo amazing! i have the red dress too, too bad that it is not so red like this in person. but still pretty! ;)


  8. ik wou dat rood kleedje
    maar tot nu toe heb ik het nog in geen enkele h&m zien hangen :(
    what's up with that, h&m?
    t is toch geen designer collectie, dat er zo weinig stuks van moeten gemaakt worden, en waarom krijgen weer maar een paar h&m's alle stuks? :(

  9. hoe dan ook,
    excellent choice, Sabina!
    dat rokje is leuk :)

  10. In Gent hadden ze niets van wat ik zocht, dus moest ik wel nr Antwerpen... Vind het ook raar.
    De "extravangantere" stukken zullen ze wss enkel in A-pen en Brussel verkopen.

  11. that top skirt is blowing my mind, i love all of these, so colorful.

  12. Love this collection. I bought the rose dress in cream. I wanted the jacket too, but they were all sold out!

  13. Dat jasje is zo mooi!
    Ben gisteren nog in de H&M in Genk geweest,
    maar ik heb het helemaal niet zien hangen..
    (Nuja, it's Genk we're talking about, haha.)
    I want pictures!!!

    x Krizia