Marie Antoinette

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  1. wow these are the most beautiful picsture and full of energy and sweetness. they can make someone super happy just looking at them. btw i realized we have never exchanged links.
    we should do that. i'll add u to my blogroll.

  2. Love the decadence!! so luxurious and self-indulgent! i would love to live like that and look like that 24/7! Thanks for your comment sabina! btw, we'd love to have you enter our contest to win a Versace scarf! come visit us and join :-)

  3. I love Marie Antoinette! I did a presentation on her when I was in school, I got to dress up in amazing clothes and wear a wig. :)

  4. I LOVE IT!! So much frosting and sweetness I can't handle it. I wish i could pull something liek this off, but not for me. I wear lots and LOTS of black, and white..

    I could possibly do the hair.. I have done some nutty things with my hair.

    Gorgeous collection of images.. thanks for sharing

    p.s. your blog does not have the option to put your own name and web address.. it would be nice to able to put just my blog in there.. not my wordpress account

  5. Oh Marie Antoinette is vandaag nog steeds een fashion inspiration"!
    Ik begin volgende week met mijn kostuum en mode te blokken, daar staat een hoofdstukje in over haar kleren, als je wilt stuur ik je dat door? :)