A cold start

My fall season has definitely kicked in. Because I'm originally from a very warm country I get cold quiet quickly in West Europe. I like the fall wardrobe better too, I feel that you can play more with pieces, layer them in different ways. Though I'm all for hot summers, but the summer just sucks here big time. So I don't like the cold, but I do like winter clothes, strange (:
So it already starts to get cold, the temperature begins to drop. I can't wait to wear my faux fur again, I'm just addicted to it!
So I wondered what fall-winter key pieces are there for you, guys?

 (472x630, 128Kb)

 (472x630, 130Kb)
Wearing: Vintage blouse, Hema cardigan, Sacha booties & leggings, Zara bag, Veritas necklace, H&M ring, bracelet & sunnies. 100% black :p
I like how the leggings and the booties almost look as one piece, sort of a catsuit.
Batman, here I come!


  1. Fabulous simly fabulous.... you really have mastered the art of layering, I am still learning :)

    Totally agree colder weather wardrobes are so much more fun!