First look of the year

Happy New Year, babes! I don't know how about you, but this year the transition into the new one has been rather quite for me. Might have to do with the fact that I was back to work the second of Jan. while my husband and most friends still had some holidays. I am still very surprised that only a  week passed in the new year.

Overall I had an exceptional year, with a good amount of concerts, nice trips to Italy and of course getting married as the ultimate highlight.

As far as my resolutions for this year go:

* I want to keep this blog going and develop it, as much as I can and here I am :) *
* Making use of that gym membership I successfully neglected last few months *
* Practice driving, so I can get my permanent license *
* Making some progress in my career life *
* Go to concerts, as seeing my favorite artists live truly makes me happy *
* Read more this year, I only read 11 books last year, which is the lowest in years *
* Get to see my friends more *
* Do a US West-Coast road trip *

Quite a list, so I'm curious how far I will get with it, as I'm still spending a lot of time working and commuting, so being lazy on the couch on the weekends is often the easy way out.

The weather has been borderline, it gets very cold and then gets better again. We're in a cold patch again and I suffered while taking these pictures, but really happy how the look turned out. 
There's a lot going on, but I think that despite the clashing styles, all works well together. I was finally able to shop some, after the wedding has passed and now I am hunting for some perfect pieces in the sales. I rarely buy anything full price, as I love a bargain. These Even&Odd boots and Pepe Jeans were both the perfect basics addition for my wardrobe. Shein items I chose this time, were perfect to spice up my wardrobe, not necessarily something I need, but so cute for a statement look.

Wearing: Boohoo puffer jacket, Pepe Jeans pants, Even&Odd boots, c/o Shein faux fur vest and exagerated sleeve blouse, Michael Kors watch, Louis Vuitton bag

On the eyes: ABH - Subculture
On the lips: Kylie Cosmetics - Okurrr 

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