A Fall preppy look

I was so into the preppy look during my college years, being obsessed with Gossip Girl, I fluctuated between Serena and Blair on the daily. Unfortunately one of my all time favorites has been spoiled now, as Ed Westwick appears to be a rapist, which is just enraging and utterly disappointing. I don't know if I will be able to rewatch the series, as I started it again some months ago. At least I will always have that nostalgia for the many style moments that passed on it.

Although I don't do a lot of preppy looks anymore, this cardi from Shein is screaming Blair, so I decided not to resist it. I was also so happy to be able to still catch the beautiful yellow's of the trees.

Wearing: Only coat, Shein cardigan, Asos sweater, Zara skirt, Primark gloves, Twice As Nice earrings, Louis Vuitton shawl and Trocadero bag.

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