The Devil Wears Prada

Here we are again, my favourite time of the year - Halloween.
This year we celebrated a bit earlier, as the 31st falls mid-week. After buying a pair of Prada sandals on our Italian honeymoon, I decided to go dressed up as the devil. Hence the reference to the movie title. 
We've established a nice tradition of celebrating at my girl Styling Dutchman's house with a dinner and a movie and lots of fun off course, because this is what real friendship is, no drama, no hidden agenda, but just being there for each other and have fun together.
We ate taco rice and apple pie, watched Crimson Peak and took a walk around the local church. I wish Halloween would be more of a thing, as in the US, but the cute little town she lives in, has all the appeal as it is. You can never have too much decoration, though.
Did you celebrate or dress up or planning to?

Wearing: Vintage coat, Unbranded dress, Prada sandals, Venetian mask.

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