Bed affairs - Plumka Dstress

It's no secret, I love my bed room and sleeping as much as I love Netflix and books. As a many modern human, I also neglect my sleeping routine, by cutting hours of sleep, mostly for the sake of above mentioned hobbies.  Working long days and sleeping shorter nights, does show off  it's signs. I get cranky and wary and believe me, that's not a pleasant person to be around. From about two years back I also started suffering from headache's brought on by tension in my neck muscles. I started to pay more attention to my posture, while lying down, but it kept coming back. 

Recently I was contacted by the Belgian brand Plumka that has been a pioneer of pillows and bedding since 1925 and offered to test one of their pillows. I chose the "Just DStress" pillow and I must say it has been a life changer. The pillow is made out of a soft latex material that morphs itself perfectly to give the support that the head and neck need. The pillow comes in a pillow case and you can't tell a difference of material without unzipping the case. I can tell that it's a night and day change compared to my Ikea pillow, though. 

To make it a bit more exciting, I included myself in the pictures ;) 
I'm not pretending to wake-up like this, but I do wake up feeling refreshed!

Wearing: Madame X bra by Dita Von Teese
White pillow : Plumka "Just DStress"
Black and grey sheets: Christian Lacroix
Black and white pillow: Ikea

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