Silver ankle boots, black coat and oversized sweater

I'm back with the first rays of sun. I wont' pretend, blogging during the Winter is a challenge for me, as I arrive home late from work, usually exhausted and without seeing much day light. Another 'perk' of cold weather is the driest possible skin. I feel like it gets worse every year, I have a dry skin overall, but the cold wind and heaters inside just drain it. Still trying to find a product that can hydrate it enough.
As I was slowly trying to recover from my Winter hibernation, the temperatures dropped again. We were lucky enough to have one day of +15°C and it was on my day off, hence the pictures.

I was also able to flaunt my new silver ankle booties, a Topshop sale find with a ridiculously low price. You know when you have this imaginary wishlist in your head of garments you want to add to your wardrobe? Well, silver ankle boots were on it for years and I'm happy I found a perfect pair without ruining my budget.
With the sales I also added this simple black coat to my ever-growing collection and I have been wearing it non-stop, too lazy to swap, because of how flattering and easy it is. The grey sweater is also a staple of mine, a merino blend that is super cosy and warm.

Also how long is my freaking hair?! It hits my waist when loose, I don't think it has ever been as long before. Need to cut it, though, as the ends got a bit battered over the last few months.

Wearing: H&M coat and sweater; M&S skirt; Topshop boots, F21 necklace

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