Paris once more

Finally got my hands to put online the outfit we shot in Paris, almost two months ago. Ridiculous, I know, but the past two months have been surreal, if you consider the terror that hit Brussels. It has been an adjustment going back to normal. I can't lie, there's also the lack of time, as I get home late and just usually prefer to binge some on Netflix.

The weather is finally getting better now, but Paris was still kinda cold. From all the times I went to Paris, this must have been one of the more outrageous times. We had some major fun with the girls. Part of i was finally able to go to Le Crazy Horse cabaret and see Dita Von Teese perform. It was an unforgettable experience, as I'm a huge fan and so happy I was finally able to see her live.
We were lucky with the weather as will, despite it being chilly, the sun shun and Paris is just always a good idea. I have also seen the most beautiful sunset. Ah, Paris is love!

Wearing: Tara Jarmon coat, Topshop dress, Louis Vuitton boots, Cos beanie, Zara scarf, Chanel bag, Brilliant Inc earrings, Prada sunglasses.

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