Wrap up of 2015

I can not believe we are up into 2016 already, I'm late as always, but a small wrap up post has become a good tradition over the years. 2015 was extraordinary in many aspects: I got to travel a lot and made some incredible memories, I had amazing people surrounding me. New people came into my life more prominently, older friends proved to be incredible and I've seen some people from a past life back. Unfortunately not everything was as ideal, as a lot of us had our feeling of safety compromised towards the end of the year. It's incredible how general interpretation of your day to day life can change within a few hours, scary really. I'm not the most optimistic person there is and my imagination is a tad too vivid. Let me say it's not a good combination when it comes to worst case scenarios. I hope 2016 won't make matters worse, but I think Europe is just too far into the mess it has created to recover with dignity.

My main goal for 2016 will be dividing my free time more rationally and finally get that driver's license, because it's getting to the point when it's embarrassing.
And also have more cozy days as below together with friends and loved once as seen below.

P.S. I wish we could keep Christmas decoration until March

Wearing: Zara coat, shawl & skirt, Acne sweater, Louis Vuitton boots, Chanel bag.

Also a special 'thank you' to dear Annebeth for always making me look picture pretty and being a good friend #craycraycrew

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