Mexico trip

After looking forward to it for about six months, it was finally so far. After a long flight with two layovers we finally reached the paradise. I couldn't even think Mexico would be so amazing, plenty of nature, the friendliest of people and lot's of amazing food.
We decided not to stay at Cancun, as from the looks of it and what we read previous to our visit, it was a very 'Americanized' area, with huge hotels clustered together along the beach. We booked a hotel in the centre of a smaller city southern on the coast called Playa Del Carmen. As it appeared the hotel was located just around the corner from the main touristic street with loads of shops and restaurants and a 5 minute walk from the sea side.

I'm still blown away by the nature, the jungle, the underground rivers called 'Cenote', wild life  and white sandy beaches. We also had a chance to visit some Mayan sites including Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza.


Tulum is one of the best preserved Mayan coastal cities. The ruins are situated on 12 meter cliffs, housing many lizards of various sizes. It was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Maya's, who managed to live there around 70 years after the Spanish occupation took place.
The area close to the entrance was flooded just a few years back, with crocodiles all over the place. Luckily they just reside in the swamps near the road these days.


The Coba site is still in the middle of the jungle, occupying a large perimeter. You can rent a bike, or let you drive around on a sort of backwards rickshaw. We chose the latter as we didn't have a lot of time there and I wasn't feeling too comfortable biking in the jungle. I was so overwhelmed by Coba, it wasn't as crowded, some places were just completely abandoned, a surreal feeling. The most popular temple there is Nohoch Mul, one you are still aloud to climb, at your own risk. It proved to be risky too, luckily I wore my Airmax sneakers, because the steps are not in great condition and are uneven.
The pyramid is 42 meter high, which equals a 12 story building. I'm very much scared of heights, so I climbed just half way up, which was an achievement already for me.

Chichen Itza:

No doubt the most famous and visited Mayan site in Mexico. Quite a comparison to Coba if you look at how the Coba ruins are in a natural state, where Chichen Itza has been cleaned and restored over time. I was more a Coba fan, because of the more 'authentic' feel to the site, but Chichen Itza was amazing too and let's not forget it's one of the seven world wonders.
During the same day we also visited a cenote and had a chance to swim in it, the water was amazingly refreshing and you got a free fish pedicure while swimming.
On the way back we quickly passed at the church of a Spanish colonial town Valladolid and grabbed some churos for the way.

Day to day bliss:

Our daily routine when not on a trip consisted of eating, lots of it, drinking cocktails, swimming, reading and relaxing on the beach, eat some more and stroll around town.
I wore a lot of bikinis and Summer clothes I can't wear in Belgium, it was very hot and I finally got a tan, especially my legs look unusually tanned. We also witnessed a few tropical rains, amazing how it starts pouring without warning and stops as someone just turned off the tap.
The week was way too short and flew by so quickly. I could easily get used to a life like that. No lie if I tell you I'm much happier in a warmer climate. 
No doubt this was the most amazing holiday. I miss Mexico already!
I can only highly recommend this beautiful Yucatan region and I hope to go back one day.

I had a hard time adjusting to my day to day life, especially because it seemed like we came back to a different world. We came back on Thursday 12 November and there we were, glued to the television too jet-lagged to believe anything that was happening in Paris on the next day. Then how quickly it came so close as to having soldiers in front of your work and Brussels being on lock down.
I can't shake the feeling that we are at another turning point in history, not a very bright one unfortunately.
I'm happy we had this moment of bliss, but it seems so far away already...

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