White dress and Kuilted bag

The forever absent blogger returns again, this time my laptop was out of use and besides that still very busy at work and with our renovations. Adult life is hard, fact.
So I at last managed to take some new pictures and it might appear that I'm lying the whole time and just on holiday somewhere in Italy (never been, insert sad face). The pictures are just taken around the corner of our house on our way out to dinner and the light of the setting sun was just wonderful. I'm actually quiet happy with how they turned out and I love my new dress from She.in, I think this is a great example of how an affordable piece can still be well manufactured. The fabric is really sturdy, so you have this poofy effect it's suppose to have, without it hanging around you as a deflated balloon. Actually I just went into a Maje store recently, as they're famous of using this type of fabric, and the dresses they had there were the same quality for x10 higher price. Score!

In other news, I'm not a month back from holiday, but already dying for another one. The next vacation is in November for me, still a long time to go, but we'll be going to Mexico. Muchos excited!

Wearing: c/o SheIn dress, New Look sandals, Asos sunnies, Karl Lagerfeld Kuilted bag.

P.S. I recently went to see Magic Mike XXL with my baes Annebeth and Naomi and I rarely wanted to marry the screen as much as I did during the movie. Oh, my, this was everything and you should go and see it! Also love the soundrtack, tunes on repeat.

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