Gin Mare - Mobile Ibiza Detox

I'm sure that if we get asked: 'Which possession we couldn't live without?' Many of us would answer that we can't live without our smartphones. In the days of modern technology being 'connected' is a true addiction, from which I too suffer. I do my best to leave my smartphone aside during the weekends, to spend more quality time with my loved ones and enjoy the real life. 
Especially during Summer time it's easier for me to leave my phone behind, at least for some time, but I can't imagine going without a phone for more than a few hours.

That's the main reason I was intrigued when Gin Mare contacted me with the press release of their 'First Daycare for Mobile Phones' which will be launched in Ibiza this September. The challenge is to disconnect and connect with life during a weekend detox. This with the help of meditation, dance, yoga and some delicious gin cocktails. Doesn't sound that hard, doesn't it? And for the unforgettable pictures you can bring your camera along.

To win a spot in the Daycare in Ibiza you can enroll on the website . First you'll need to past a detox test of 72h without your smartphone. To help you to resist the temptation  you will get a stress kit sent home. It contains a special compartment where you can put your mobile to rest and a personalized hashtag, so friends can send you encouraging messages through Twitter and Daycare site., which you can read after. 
The ones with the most messages on both platforms will win a detox weekend in Ibiza.

You can enroll in the detox challenge until the end of June if you're a citizen of Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Germany or UK.
I'll do my best to resist the challenge and good luck to you too!

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