Moscow trip

For the people that know or follow me on Instagram, I'm back from my Moscow trip that lasted 12 days. For those who don't, you do now :)
These 12 days flew by in in a blink of an eye and I kind of can't believe it really did happen. You know that feeling when something great happens and it just too good to be true? Well this trip was just like it. I was so looking forward to go to Moscow for many years and I must say I wasn't a bit disappointed, on the contrary. Thanks to my aunt and niece and some friends I explored the city in an efficient and pleasant way. Each day was filled with great activities, we saw plenty of museums filled with Russian historical treasures and grand art; went to see a Shakespeare play and Magic Flute ballet on the music of Mozart; saw the victory parade rehearsals and ate a lot of great food.
I was in Moscow just once, 15 years ago, on the way to Belgium. It was during Winter time and I was sick, so I didn't get to actually see the city at that time, but still I felt home from the moment I arrived. I guess because my Russian roots run deep.
I did love how grand the city is, especially if you compare it to any city in Belgium, or even the whole country (lol). I love the feeling of a large city and the life that never stops, but I'm not sure if I could live in one for a long time.

It's even hard to tell what was the biggest highlight, besides visiting family, I had so much fun and can easily say it was one of my best trips. Can't wait to go back.

As for the rest, I'll be going to Greece in a month to attend a wedding and off course soak up some
 sun as well.

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