Life lately: Going out and

Hate to repeat it, but I remain a busy bee and not able to snap outfit pictures as often as I want it. Luckily my beloved Samsung Galaxy is there to keep me company and capture some moments along the way. I couldn't live without anymore, yes, I'm an addict. So just a little sneak peek in my private life.

I have a crazy few days behind me. No kidding, I crossed the country in different directions and even been to Paris and back in one day. We left Saturday morning for Paris. At about 8 we were back in Brussels from where I took the train to the seaside to celebrate the birthday of my bestie. As I was already late, I had to change and do my make-up in the train and go straight to the restaurant and a club afterwards. The whole experience was physically demanding, but I survived! 

As my girl wanted us to wear sequined dresses, I got to pull out my silver Motel dress out once more. I have it for a few years now, but never will get tired of it. It's super comfortable and a true eye catcher at the same time. I finally ordered the green version on black Friday, by the way.

Our group got a lot of attention, we looked as a range of disco balls, but the right kind of way. We went to Kitsch Club in Knokke and, as usual, had bad luck, the music was crappy and 95% of the people absolutely ridiculous. If you live in Belgium, you know that Knokke has a certain reputation. You at least expect people to dress okay, but apparently going out in your Ralph Lauren sweater + a wool scarf is the next best thing.

As  we were girls only that night, it was reason enough for every loser out there to approach us. I'm serious though, why a descent guy never approaches you?! But the best next loser, that drank enough to have the courage, is there every five seconds. Luckily my face shows that I'm not at all approachable, but my girlfriends, who are politer, got to deal with them several times. The most annoying thing, that most of these people think I should be obliged to respond when they talk to me or dance with them. Because off course, girls in a club are all waiting for all your unwanted attention. Please! I ignore you if I want you and if you don't fuck off I might hit you. 

Don't get me wrong, I love going out, but don't do so very often anymore. All I really need is some good music to dance to, but that's often the first thing that is wrong these days. All in all we had a good laugh and went home after two hours. At least we got to dress up.

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