New favorite: Printed jumpsuit

Saturday me and the boyfriend went for a blitz shopping spree to Antwerp. I kind of let go and forgot about my rational shopping strategy for a while and just bought a few things I liked. When my boyfriend asked me what I actually needed, my answer was: 'Nothing'. Let me be honest, I really could go a few years without renewing my wardrobe and emptying my banc account, but where's the fun in that?!
The only thing I bought and actually needed was a sports bra.

Among all the rest was this printed jumpsuit from Forever21. Lately, I learned to love that store, I hope it won't be closing this year, as the rumors are saying. It didn't look like anything on the hanger, but luckily it was on one of the mannequins and that's how I spotted it. Everybody knows you get lost at times in that sea of garments... As I put the jumpsuit on, I immediately fell in love with it, really could go the whole Summer wearing it. I decided to wear it next Sunday, we went to Retrorama in Brussels Expo. I think the jumpsuit would look great with some sandals, but I didn't have any on me, so I went with All Stars. Maybe not the best option, but still looks okay to me. 

I wish I could be transported to Coachella in this jumpsuit!

Wearing: Forever 21 jumpsuit, All Stars sneakers, Karl Lagerfeld bag, Dyrberg/Kern earrings, Michael Kors watch, AdR for H&M sunglasses.


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