London goodies

Today I finally had time to blow off some steam after a busy week. I slept, a lot and spend some quality time with my lover. Also made time for the blog, it's actually obvious, 'cause you're reading a new post... 
As promised, here are my purchases from London (finally).
I didn't go crazy, I'm trying to minimize my shopping activity, but I'm still very happy with everything I bought.
Almost all of my items are from Primark as it is budget friendly. I didn't even bother going through all departments of Topshop, 'cause it's huge and quite expensive. I knew that I'd end up buying something anyway, so I only went through the accessories and the shoe department. I couldn't walk out of there empty handed, so I picked up a necklace and a bracelet.

I only bought colored garments in London, I guess I just miss summer.
These two dresses are from Primark. You already saw the dress in the previous post. Can't wait to wear the green one as well. It's made from a sheer fabric, so it'll be perfect for a warmer spring day!

The sweater is also from Primark, I couldn't catch it's right color on camera. It's much darker and less neon, though it also looks good this way. I already wore it this week, so expect an outfit post. That neon yellow thing on top of it is an extension, I bought two of them, also from Primark. I can't wait till the store opening in Ghent next year!

I just couldn't leave this necklace and bracelet, I had to have it,. Both are a nice addition to my skull and bones jewelry collection. Damn you, Topshop and your amazing stuff!

And why spend thousands on diamonds when you can buy those earrings just for £2.5 a pair at Primark.
They just look like old heirloom jewelry, don't you think?!


  1. oh my god @ the accessories! the bracelet is so beautiful!

  2. Wat een prachtige kleuren! Ik hou echt van het groene kleedje xx

  3. That leopard dress is so cute! <3

  4. Your new leopard dress is suuuuper pretty! Makes me wish I had a primar nearby. They said they were going to open new shops in Belgium I think. CAN'T freaking WAIT! x

  5. Why the hell did I not know Primark is opening in Ghent! LOVE THAT SHIT! You made my day! :-D

  6. die juwelen zijn echt de max!