In other news

The time of finals is here again. I just had my first one yesterday and I think it went ok.
Afterwards I met with my best friend for lunch and some shopping. On the to buy list were the boots from Sacha   that I've seen last week while in Antwerp. I fell in love with them, but hadn't had the time to try them on. Gladly they had them in Ghent too. 
While in the store I bumped into the Belgian male model, Cesar Casier. It's a small world when u live in Belgium.
I looked for such boots for a long time. They're not classical biker boots, but do come close to them. Can't wait to wear them, I have already many different outfits planned in my head.
The boots make noise too, thanks to all the metal details on them. They're like wearing jingle bells :)

I have a confession to make here, I'm a major accessories addict. I have ton's of them lying and hanging around or stored in boxes.Unfortunately I don't have enough space to put all of them on display, so I forget about some of them for a long time.But still...
These are some of my new finds. The first four from the left are from I Am, the dreamcatcher on the right is from H&M. I'm proud of myself because I managed to wear three out of five necklaces already :)

I just love the feathers on this necklace

I've been looking for such a coin necklace for ages, but the ones I found were never good enough.
Well, this one was an ugly duckling itself, additional to this necklace was some beige layered laces that ruined the whole thing. No wander a lot of the necklaces were hanging in the sale section.
I just removed the laces et voila! 
I added a crystal hanger from Monet & Co ,that I recently bought too, to it
By the way, it Napoleon on the coins.

I always love to read and try to do so often. I mostly read while on my way to college, on the train.
Taking a break from the True Blood series I started to read the autobiography of Slash, that I borrowed from my boyfriend. I love to read biographies and this one is very well written, easy to read and really funny.
Yesterday, while shopping I found the book about the band Jane's Addiction. It was laying in the sale rack of the Fnac for just three euro's. I couldn't let it there for such a price and started reading straight away on the train.


  1. What gorgeous jewelry!!! Especially loved the one with the light blue feathers <333

  2. Oh!
    I love the feather necklace!
    Nice blog too you have here.

  3. the feather necklace looks awesome!!

  4. Laat me zeker weten hoe dat boek van Slash is!
    I love him!

    x Krizia

  5. Leuke aankopen! Die shoes zijn echt geweldig en ik ben ook fan van de coin-necklace!

  6. Hey hun.. I'm lovin' your boots. they are badass. :) and the accessories are fun too! I'm an accessory junkie as well, but my heart first goes to shoes! I love shoes with a passion!

    xx Love & Aloha

  7. Lovely pictures! Ja uw foto's zijn van véél betere kwaliteit! Ik heb zo'n kleine digitale rot camera! =d

    Die schoenen passen echt goed bij u (ook al ken ik u niet, maar wat ik kan afleiden uit uw andere foto's, heb je een goede vondst gedaan)!

    Good luck with your exams en tot de volgende keer! x. christin

  8. oooooh die laarzen! ik zag ze vorige winter in de winkel en I fell in love, jammer genoeg passen ze momenteel niet echt bij m'n stijl :( en jane's addiction <3

  9. Those boots are amazing!!! Love love love. I'm obsessed. They remind me of Chanel. Love your blog, very inspiring! You have amazing style!


  10. I want those boots so bad!! And the necklaces are divine! Just the more reason why I love your blog.