Wednesday, April 29, 2009

 (678x480, 153Kb)
Sweater: fleamarket 
Belt: thrifted
Tunic: C&A

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Numero Korea May 2009

Models: Karmen Pedaru & Abbey Lee Kershaw
By Mariano Vivanco

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 (533x699, 101Kb)
 (530x698, 101Kb)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Matthew Williamson for H&M

So I was "accidentally" in the neighbourhood of one of the shops that sold the collection and couldn't resist to buy something. I got there before the shop got open, there were not that many people waiting in line and the actual grabbing was also less intense. The H&M that I went to sold just a small part of the collection. I didn't want to go to a bigger one, 'cause I don't really have the money to buy a more expensive piece. I really fell in love with that sequin dress, but it was out of my budget. I hate how they sell all of this guest designer collections at the end of the month, that's when I'm already out of money to buy something, or I just spend the last money on something small... ok, I'll stop nagging now.
The majority of the collection wasn't really my thing...

I bought the blouse and the studded belt (my guilt already sent me to hell & back). 

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 (360x610, 116Kb)
The paper bagmade me even more happy (it's pink on the inside). I really have a thing for nice bags :)
 (640x480, 78Kb)
It's funny, just when I was riding back home I read an article about how shopaholics are happier than misers. Misers just feel like they miss out on life. Even tough shopaholics are hunted by feeling of guilt, it's nothing compared to the rush of happiness they feel when buying something... 
I just needed this excuse :p

I'll try to wear it soon, so I have some better pics to show.

Friday, April 17, 2009

The Blues Brothers

 (524x699, 208Kb)
 (524x699, 219Kb)
Coat & belt: vintage
Hat, blouse, skirt & glasses: H&M
Gloves: Zara
Tights: Zeeman
Shoes: Adelante

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Bunny

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A bit more about the shoes I wore in the previous post. So these are my new beauties, got them at Asos. From the moment I saw them, I just had to have them. I couldn't sleep and stuff, I knew I was in love. Off course I couldn't choose between the black or the white ones (happens with me all the time) so I got them both! My bf was so kind to give one pair to me as a present, I guess he was tired of me whining about them all the time.
I think these are my favorite shoes that I own! There's only a slight min. point about them, they're not that comfortable to walk in, my feet pop from side to side a bit. Although I'm kind off good with high heels... 
Guess I just need to get used to walking around in them. And still I'm super happy I got them!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

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So this time I deceided to wear something different, even my bf was surprised when he saw me. This white blouse was lying around here for a long time. My mom wore it in the 90's. I wore it as a short dress with white tights. 
 (587x428, 149Kb)
Later that night I wore it with my new Asos shoes and glasses, I also borrowed my bf's blazer. We went to an art gallery to see an excibition of one of my friends. I really must tell about her here, she makes incredible stuff!
 (480x640, 175Kb)
Blouse: my mom's
Sequined dress: H&M
Knitted blazer: Vero Moda
Shoes and glasses: Asos
Blazer: Zara Men
Tights: Zeeman
Necklace & scarf thrifted
Bag: C2C

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009


Made this dress a while ago from a piece of some fabric I had lying around. It's pretty comfy...
Don't mind my silly face in this pictures :)
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Strange Hearts

Recently I saw the movie "Strange Hearts" with  Rose McGowan. For me she always have been one of the most beautiful women out there, but in this film she was even more amazing. She plays a stripper named "Moira", just a girl hoping for a better life. She dresses up as a geisha for her performances... The story is really about the connection between love and fate. I can't even imagine someone else playing this role, the movie wouldn't even be that special without her. 
But it's deffinetely the visual aspect of the story that attracts me so much.

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 (699x393, 17Kb)
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 (699x393, 25Kb)
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 (699x393, 27Kb)

Monday, April 6, 2009

Color Mania

With the first glimp of the sun I always want to wear some juicy colors, this is me who 95% of the time wears black. I do actually like colors, but the mood is different when it's always raining. 
I made a deal with myself to buy and wear less black (doesn't work that well), but the summer is still out there. So I hope it'll be a warm one, so I don't have to wear my trench all the time...
I really like all of these pieces and all these colors really make me happier :)

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images via net-a-porter, asos, google