I'm debuting my new coat here, it's from a Belgian label called Chine. I love it's quality, it's so soft, but unfortunately not very warm.
It's still pretty cold out here and the wind has returned. Have I mentioned that I hate wind?!
Well, I do. It always messes up my hair, I have to use tons of hairspray on my bangs to stay in place. It makes me look like a crazy lady with hair flying out in all directions. The weather forecast promises snow soon. So I still put on 1000 different layers, I'm looking forward to spring!

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 (480x640, 129Kb)

Wearing: Chine coat / Vintage belt & boots / Asos glasses / H&M bag / Zara gloves

C&A Baret/ Westwood brooch (what a long list :p )

This Vivienne Westwood banana brooch is also new, I'm crazy about it! It sparkles like a Christmas tree!

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I bought this armour ring at H&M. I've been hunting for the one from Westwood, but haven't got it yet.

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So, 2010 is almost here and this will be the last post of this year.
I want to thank my lovely readers for the comments!
I wish you all a wonderful year full of fashion extravaganza, much love and health!
I'll be staying at home in front of the tv, because I have to study for my exams. It's still good, though, because I'm celebrating with my mom.

Happy New Year!



  1. i love that coat... but i know what u mean about the wind. i have certain coats that i cant wear in extreme cold weather. too bad.

  2. Omg je jas! :O
    normaal ben ik geen fan van bruine jassen maar, deze is super! met dat riempje op! :o

    well done, Sabina!

  3. Ik vind van alle Belgische commerciële merken Chine het beste! Prachtige collecties jaar na jaar. Zelf heb ik 2 rokjes ervan hangen en een bloesje. Doe ik nooit meer weg!

    Verder: toffe blog en een gelukkig nieuwjaar alvast!!

  4. @ Tiff: Ik ook niet, maar vond deze echt leuk (: Den 1ste dag heb ik er wel direct een plek opgezet in de chocoladebar, pff. Gelukkig zie je die bijna niet meer. Anders heb ik dat nooit, maar mss omdat je op zwart geen vlekken ziet? :D

    @Maxie: Thnx voor langs te komen! Chine vind ik ook zeker één vd beste Belgische merken.
    Je ook een Gelukkig Nieuwjaar!

  5. You look stunning in that coat. I actualy love the wind, it's something about the smell in air that's moving.. or aybe I just like the thought of escaping.. Eitherway, I am a fan of the wind no matter how cold it might be.

  6. Lovely coat! I am looking for a camel-colored one for my wardrobe. I have the same issues with wind. I hate having to put hairspray in my bangs, but it's the only way for me to keep them in place!


  7. I am crazy for the coat!


  8. gorgeous coat! i love it so much :)



  9. This place looks so pretty! I love your outfit and your ring!