Some time ago I promised to show you my Vivienne Westwood jewellery that I bought recently on ebay. My collection exist of 4 pieces, 2 necklaces & 2 brooches. I'm really excited about it and planning to extend it. I just love Westwood's stuff!

 (464x629, 96Kb)

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 (640x480, 156Kb)

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And now I still enjoy the last days of good weather. The school is not too far away anymore, the time when my life just stops. Although I do look forward to my fall wardrobe.

 (699x373, 61Kb)

I was just playing around with the nautical theme. I haven't seen the sea for two years now. I can be by the north sea in just two hours, but I don't like it there, it's just too cold. So I just imagine the French Riviera :p


  1. oh my god i am in love with the bone necklace. they are so cute. amazing finds. treasure them 4ever. i'm actually also looking forward to fall as well. i'm getting pretty bored of uninspiring summer outfits.

  2. Yeah, the bone necklace is great, but I haven't worn it yet(and so other billion of things I have here :p). I also want to buy a matching bracelet!

  3. re thy for me?? are they for me?? plesae tell me this are for me i adore them!

  4. i absolutely adore your westwood's collection!
    you look so cute in your nautica inspired outfit.
    i just wore stripes today too but i haven't
    uploaded the photos in my blog yet.


  5. More than Westwood, I love a Westood fan like me!


    I just came across your blog and really enjoyed!

    Please come and visit me too. My fashion blog is inspired by Portobello Road, London.

    See you soon.

  6. hey,
    nice westwood bling!
    and i love the nautical mania too!



  7. hi, nice necklace
    and nautical is also good for you
    remind me of Bali :]