I wish I was a better blogger and updated more, but I spend most of my days at home, reading. So there's not a lot to update about. I do appreciate the comments and my few followers, thanx guys!
Anyway, I was out this weekend... It's no secret that I enjoy dark music & subculture, so I was glad to put my black clothes back on for a party. It was the anniversary of Fresh From The Grave. I had a really great time and danced a lot. Unfortunately it's hard to take pictures there because of the smoke.

My lipstick was actually dark purple, but it shows black in the pictures.
Top: Toi&Moi
Skirt: Zara
Shoes: Asos
 (357x698, 79Kb)  (372x698, 86Kb)
 (396x699, 82Kb)
 (524x699, 97Kb)
My bf snapped a picture of me on the dancefloor :)
 (524x699, 144Kb)
There was also cake to celebrate the anniversary
 (700x525, 134Kb)
This weekend I'll be at Gothic Festival, there's a pretty great line-up, so I'm very excited!


  1. looks like you had fun dancing!!

    your outfit is great!!!

    hugs ...from Hanh

  2. You're a better blogger than me, I disappear for months at a time! I think I'm too lazy for this, ha.