Sunday, September 25, 2016

Patches and stickers

I'm enjoying this transition weather between Summer and full on Fall. Not ready yet to let go of bare legs and my tan, but I also own a ridiculous amount of coats, which need to be rotated in order not to make me look like a crazy coat lady. We are still lucky to have some warmer temperatures and I still get to wear my new favorite pair of jeans. I bought them back last Winter and had to be patient to finally be able to wear them. I wear them most during my days off work, as they are comfortable enough to chill in. They also go well with my DIY'd bag that I used a lot last few months. Even though some people might think it's overkill, I love the patches and stickers together. I was crazy about them as a kid and I still am. So before I go back to black I be enjoying these vibrant colors.

Wearing: True Spirit jacket, Pull&Bear tee and jeans, H&M slip-ons, Martha rings, DIY bag, Asos sunglasses

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Pinstripe culottes jumpsuit

I said it on my instagram about a gazaillion times and I'll say it once again, I'm extremely enjoying these Indian Summer days during my one week holiday. I haven't booked any trips, but I'm spending it hanging out with family and friends, organizing my house and just relaxing. All of it was much needed, as I really don't have enough spare time during a work week to do any of it.

On Monday we met up with a few members of our girl squad (we call it 'Bitch Perfect') in Antwerp for some lunch at Pho61. It's a Vietnamese place with super delicious food and very affordable prices. We literally ate almost everything from each menu category and were left so satisfied. Seriously can't wait to return back.
After we hit Ici Parix XL to gaze at Urban Decay make-up and I ended up buying the Solstice Moondust Eyeshadow, because every time I saw Annebeth wearing it, I was too jealous. Will try to make a look with it soon for the blog.

I scored this culottes jumpsuit in Topshop last week during my 24 hour work trip. It's literally the bestest garment ever. It's so relaxed, but saucy at the same time. The side waist ties give you a hourglass silhouette and the pinstripe does wonders as well.

Wearing: Topshop jumpsuit and chocker, Mango backpack, Shoe Discount sandals.

From left to right: Naomi - TheCanonGirl, Annebeth - TheStylingDutchman, moi, Natasja - EyesPaintedBlack

We were mimicking the Spice Girls, because we were dressed kinda 90's that day. Not sure how the roles were divided, but from childhood on, I was and always will be Posh Spice.

Grote Markt 42