Sunday, February 22, 2015

Adidas Original Trainers

Hello, dear readers! You can say I've been sucked into deepest pits of my endless possesions. At the moment I'm moving in with my boyfriend and moving with my mom as well. So it's been a bit hectic, to say the least. You can't count how many times I cursed at the amount of stuff, especially clothes, that I posses. It's unreal, I got rid of so many things, but still, mountains of clothes remain. Hoping that dividing it all between two houses will be the ultimate solution.

Just to overthrow the moral of that little story to not hoard stuff. Here's a little competiton to win 12!! Pairs of Original Adidas Sneakers on Mainline Menswear. Adidas sneakers and especially Stan Smith's have made a huge comeback lately. If you want to be on point and maybe make your friends and family happy (okay with me if you're the greedy type), this is a contest for you. All you have to do is fill in your details and done. the contest is open to worldwide audience and will end on 15th of March. I know what I'll be wearing this Spring

I'm in, and how bout you?

(images via Pinterest)

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Maxi coat

Well, guess who's here?!
It was about time for a new outfit post, but nothing changed. I continued to be ever so busy and the weather totally borderline with everything from sun to rain and snow in less than an hour.
But I was set on taking pictures this weekend, even with battery running empty and us having to return home to charge it in the process, dem blogging struggles. The reason I was so determined was my new oversized coat, one of the few items I bought at the latest sales, along with the jeans I'm wearing. I must say I'm proud for not buying a lot, but the pieces that I did buy, I really ones I'll be wearing for a long time.

So I managed to score this coat at Zara on the last day of sales for 60 euros and I'm absolutely in love with it, because it's so big, warm and very work appropriate. I like the fact that you could be wearing anything or even nothing underneath and it won't show, that element of surprise.

Another new thing, my bangs finally grew out enough so I could do something with them. Influenced by Jessa from Girls, I decided to braid up my hair in a nonchalant way, I like the result and that the hair is out of my face like this. I bet Jessa could even be caught wearing a similar outfit, no?

Wearing: Zara oversized coat & jeans, Russian scarf, COS top, Evado overknee boots, Michael Kors Hamiltone tote