Saturday, November 30, 2013

Paris once more

Oh, Paris! Still my favorite city, I can't explain why, but this must be real love. It has been way too long since my last visit, so I decided to change this ASAP. Me and bestie went to celebrate, pre-birthday style. Just the way we like it, with a lot of culture and delicious food.
We visited three exhibitions: Historical Costumes to Modern Age Design, Azzedine Alaïa and Miss Dior. Each of them was fantastic! Went for walks and cocktails at La Durée in the evening and for lunch there through the day. We even got spotted several times by some fabulous fashion people.
We didn't shop by the way, can you imagine?! I've been feeling a grand craving towards more special pieces lately, a bit fed up by major high street labels.

The weather was cold and crisp, but without rain or wind, quite perfect for time of the year.
I left being revived and inspired and happy, because we'll always have Paris.

An outfit post from Paris will be coming up in the next few days, so stay tuned.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lttle adventures

Life has been good lately, some happy moments worth remembering.
I saw two of my favorites bands live again, 30 Seconds To Mars and Hurts. They both happen to have stunning front man, but it's still the music that makes my heart go faster (for realz).

And tomorrow, after too long of a break, I'll be in Paris again. Bestie and me spontaneously decided to book a trip as pre birthday celebration to us both. I'm already nervous and excited altogether. It'll be a short visit, but I need my Paris fix. We'll leave on Saturday morning and we'll be back on Sunday night. Not planning on shopping, btw.

Hope you guys will have a nice weekend! 

And here's an outfit I was totally not freezing in. Hate Winter!

Wearing: H&M blouse, jeans & rings, Zara jacket & cap, Serafini wedge sneakers, Fashionology bracelet, Michael Kors watch.

Hail to the most spontaneous picture of me. I do laugh sometimes!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Boots, you can't have too many!

To continue my previous post...

I can't lie, I love a good high heel, but my feet are my worst enemy. I must have been some kind of royalty in past life, because my feet can't take cheap shoes and especially cheap heels. Off course I try it from time to time and regret it most of the times. The older I get, the more expensive the shoes, but that's just normal too. Quality over quantity!

Next to killer looks, my shoes need to give balance and support, especially heels. Comfortable high heels are a rarity, I almost didn't believe in them until I invested in a pair of infamous spiked Lita's from Jeffrey Campbell. The heels are so high, but pretty easy to walk in if you have some basic skills. I even danced in them and survived. I couldn't ever imagine huge heels, being comfortable to walk in.

Jeffrey Campbell's are hard to come by in Belgium, but if you are searching for a pair, Zalando is carrying a quite large selection of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Next to heels there're also cute flat boots.

Here are my current favorites.

Friday, November 15, 2013

New kicks

A girl can't have too many...

 I tend to apply this rule to lots of stuff. A girl can't have too much shoes, clothes or cake. How much is too much anyway?! Only you decide where your limits lie. Over the last few months my shoe collection grew steadily. I can now easily say that I have enough sneakers to battle my boots collection. Yay for both!

So when I recently got contacted by a representative of JD Sports with the offer to choose a pair of sneakers to review, I could only applaud. I must say, the British never sees to surprise me with their good manners. JD Sports is by far the nicest company I dealt with so far! If you are a blogger you must know the sort of mails where brands demand a lot with little in return. Just thinking that getting to write about them is already enough honor. Jo Dorey, this is a personal shout out to you! 
I was never as positive about a collaboration or e-mailing before. So thank you again!

The webshop has a rad selection of stuff! From sports clothing to sneakers for women, men and kids, this webshop is definitely the place to be! I had to browse for days to make up my mind, because there was so much to chose from. In the end I was going back and forth between this pair of Dunk Sky Hi Nike's or several Nike Air Max sneakers.

Can you guess what I chose in the end? I went for another pair of Air Max Nike's, because these sneakers are the most comfortable shoes to walk in. I feel like walking on clouds, seriously!

Wearing: Karen Millen leather jacket, Zara sweater, H&M leggings, c/o Nike Air Max sneakers.

Saturday, November 9, 2013


No matter how hard I try to force myself to blog more often, it doesn't happen. Am or too tired or too busy or just too plain lazy. I do hate that nagging voice of a guilty conscience, but sometimes I
just think it (as in blogging) doesn't matter that much... It must be that Winter blues coming up, I don't know. But still, I don't stop, won't stop, can't stop!
What about you? Do you still love blogging or reading blogs?

And a new outfit to go with all of the self doubt, but in a much warmer setting.

Wearing: Zara leather jacket and sweater, H&M jeans and hat, Sacha boots, c/o Swatch watch, Fashionology earrings.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Halloween night

Brace yourself for a heavy picture post coming up, 'cause the Halloween party hosted at Annebeth's house was, yet again, a major success.

Seriously, it was totes awesome! I'm still all warm and fuzzy while I think back about the night.
All of the elements of the night fitted perfectly together, quirky girls and boys (2), delicious food, fun conversations, jokes and games. Did I already mention the food, because it was next level, out of this world shit! After a busy day at work this party was exactly what I needed.
I already look forward to the next time, we should celebrate Halloween at least twice a year.

Gorgeous couple: Filip & Annebeth

Lasagna heaven!!!

Pumpkin pie heaven!

Our Coven

For your own good I decided to add the outfit pictures we took the next day in the same post. Otherwise I could dread Halloween till Christmas. I wouldn't mind, but in case you might be already tired of it. Ha, aren't  I a totall doll?!

No extreme make-up or costume this year. The theme was witches, so I went for a more bohemian, Misty Day meets The Craft, kind of witch. 

Wearing: Forever 21 kimono and knee socks, Zara dress, Sacha boots and a huge jewelry stash.

Total magic happening in the pictures!